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Our new dog Mishka with a damaged paw visited the vet doctor. The doctor prescribed him some medicine and said that he needs to come again in 2 weeks. We hope Mishka will recover soon!

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Dear Friends!
Yesterday we visited the shelter Berta I support. We brought some food and water and found out that there is a new dog there…. Very big…. With very sad and kind eyes… As it turned out to be, the dog was found on the road, apparently a car crashed it…This is the Caucasian shepherd dog, huge and ever so clever! But sooooo sad…. We gave him a name Mishka. His paw is seriously damaged, he can’t step on it and it is necessary to drive hime to the vet, to do X-RAYS and other tests to examine the damage and to find out which medicine would help him!
My heart was crying yesterday!! His eyes were soooo sad… he was asking for help!!!
We have hardly enough money for food now and asking you to help to pay a doctor for this dog! the sooner the better… I will personally drive him to the vet, and will donate for the doctor for him but it can be much more expensive that we think, all the tests and procedures… PLEASE HELP! +7910-478-85-58 Irina
with a note for Mishka please
PayPal homochka_06@mail.ru
banking card 4276 3800 5454 4189

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Dear Friends!

Would you like to support somebody that will be sincerely grateful to you?

If so, please support the shelter Berta!

Currently, it houses 300 dogs who are alive only through the help and support of volunteers since there is no support from the government!  The 22nd,23rd and 24th of February are 100 RUB days. This means that you are more than welcome to donate 100 rub (or 1$ or 1 Euro or 1 Pound) which will be a huge support in providing food for 300 hungry dogs’!

So, please help! Such kindness always comes back like a boomerang!

During the last 2 weeks the volunteers have saved the lives of 2 dogs that were found on the road of the town near the shelter. And, in spite of the extremely hard situation at the shelter, the volunteers didn’t leave those dogs to die in the snow on the road! After collection, we brought them to the doctors, where it was clear they had sustained serious injuries that were caused by a car or just a cruel attack by people. This demands serious treatment and a lot of expensive medicine! Moreover, as the conditions in the shelter are already tough, with no electricity and no water (we have to bring the water from the water column near the shelter), their chances of survival are slim. We also don’t have enough warm cages to put the sick dogs so one of our volunteers takes some dogs to her flat.  These 2 dogs now find themselves in the same difficult situation.

So now, hat in hands, we have to ask for help as we cannot cope with all these expenses ourselves! All the money in our little fund was spent on the doctors and treatment for these 2 dogs so, at the moment, we don’t have any money to buy enough food for the 300 dogs at the shelter…

Please donate and that kindness will undoubtedly come back to you, MANY TIMES OVER!


You can read about our shelter and see the dogs on our web-site:

Our group in FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/580702112036492/ (In Russian)

Page in FB (in English) https://www.facebook.com/shelterberta/

Banking card: 4276 3800 5454 4189

PayPal homochka_06@mail.ru



Dear Friends! The shelter Berta that I support is asking for help! Christmas and New Year celebrations are very close and we are all waiting for them. We buy presents for each other. These dogs don’t want presents… They want just a plate of food! Please don’t stay aside! Your 100 rub is their plate of food!
There are more than 300 dogs in the shelter and non of the Government support. The volunteers do their best but we are lack of everything! It is a very hard time for the shelter as lots of people are leaving for holidays and forgetting us unfortunately… Meanwhile we are building new warm cages and sterilize dogs and treat them with very expensive medicine.
Please donate whatever you can to support our dogs and this kindness will come back to you necessarily! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!
PayPal: homochka_06@mail.ru
Banking card 4276 3800 5454 4189


Children, parents and teachers of school 1517 of Moscow have organized a charity event for Berta!

Here you can see the video of that event:

Гимназия №1517 в СЗАО г.Москвы провела благотворительную акцию по сбору корма для питомцев приюта "Берта" в г.Щелково.

Опубликовано Мариной Клименко 13 декабря 2015 г.

Thank you so much dear children, parents and teachers! Your help and support is much appreciated!

The zoo shop Hercules in a suburb of Moscow, in the city Zelenograd, has recently set up a place for collecting food for the shelter Berta in their shop! Now all the cisitors of the shop can feed dogs from our shelter! And today they have sent to the shelter 30 packs pf food already!
Thanks ever so much from our dogs and us!!!




Dear friends!
Please help us to collect 208$ or 187 Euro to buy this new house for part of our dogs…Cold Russian winter is coming so quickly and some kind people agree to sell this warm wooden house forquite a liitel price… We hope you will help us!
Thanks a lot for each pence!!!
PayPal homochka_06@mail.ru
Banking card 4276 3800 5454 4189



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Dear friends!
Today is the day of 100 rub in the shelter Berta for homeless animals that I help. Your 100 rub will help 300 dogs to survive, to build warmer cages for them before cold winter comes, to cure 13 very sick puppies that were left next to the shelter in a box and the owner had to take them, to add them to 300 dogs that are living in the shelter already.
PayPal homochka_06@mail.ru
Banking Card: 4276 3800 5454 4189
+7(910)478-85-58 – the volunteer Irina for speaking in English
+7(967)258-05-96 – Elena, the owner, for speaking only in Russian


Volunteers brought a net in the shelter, it really helps dogs to hide from hit in the shed of the net. But the problem is that the net is quite expensive… So we are trying to collect money for byuing some more of the net! Also volunteers brought water and some packs of dry food. Thank you very much!!!

IMG_5261 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_5233 IMG_523225.04.2015

We had some guests! One of Moscow school collected the food for the dogs in Berta shelter. One of the pupil form that school, her Mum and one of the volunteers of th shelter came to the shelter and brought this food as well as water and medicine for dogs. Everybody was pleased after that trip.The lovely dogs were meeting the guests at the gates of the shelter, fawning on them and waging their tales. The little girl enjoyed patting dogs as well as her Mum. The owner Elena told the guests about the needs of the shelter, about the situation and some dogs.

Come to see dogs in the shelter Berta! They are looking forward to seeing you! We are always happy to see you in Berta!








Hi! My name is Rim! I am looking forward to meeting you! Come and see me! I am looking for a new owner, as I was left by my previous one… The people in the shelter are kind, but I am not in good relationships with some dog here. As I am so kind and noble I don’t want to fight with that dog, I decided just to sit in my little house as it is more safe…Come to meet me! I will be glad to go for a walk with you!collage_photocat Арнольд

UPDATE! 29.03.2015 Rim was adopted! We are so glad for this lovely dog! We wish him to have a lot of happiness in a new home!